AMA Insurance Agency, Inc. proudly offers long-term disability coverage through the DIsite, an online platform with a quality disability product.

As a healthcare professional, you should be able to protect what you have worked so hard to earn — your income. Through this NEW program, you will have direct access to quality, portable, affordable disability insurance coverage.

The DIsiteTM was developed to fill a major gap for working professionals to protect their income with quality disability coverage at a reasonable price. The DIsite offers the market’s first long term disability product that protects you in your occupation that can be purchased completely online in a quick, easy and convenient process.


AMA Insurance Agency, Inc. a subsidiary of the American Medical Association.

Insurance coverage provided by National Guardian Life Insurance Company.  National Guardian Life Insurance Company is not affiliated with the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, a/k/a The Guardian or Guardian Life. is the 1st disability product to offer a complete instant quote to application to decision platform online.

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