Imagine a world in which you cannot make dinner reservations, plan your annual vacation, pay for your child’s education, or put gasoline in your car. If you lost your income, could you sustain a comfortable lifestyle for you and your family?

Your livelihood is based on the ability to earn an income, but 1 in 5 Americans can no longer work. Approximately 11 million Americans were receiving Social Security disability benefits in 2015. Source:

What would you and your family do if you could no longer work or earn a paycheck? Just imagine how your current lifestyle would change.


Disability insurance replaces your income

This comes in handy if you suffer a disability and can no longer work.

Disability insurance helps secure your current lifestyle and future plans

This benefit allows you to pay your mortgage, keep the car running and maintain your everyday way of life.

Disability insurance gives you peace of mind

You would never drive uninsured, so why work uninsured? Don’t leave your paycheck to chance. When you insure your income, you insure your future.

Could you cover expenses without an income?

The average American spends their paycheck

In 2013, the average American earned $63,784 before taxes and spent $51,100 of those earnings on everyday necessities like housing, food and transportation.

Imagine how this chart could change if someone suddenly became disabled and was unable to earn a paycheck.


Here’s what you could be giving up if you suddenly have


One half of all foreclosures are due to a disability1


You will have to rely on others for transportation, errands and other routine activities.

Tuition Savings

It costs an average of $245,000 to raise one child from birth to 18 years old2


According to the College Board, the average cost of tuition and fees for the 2014/15 school year:

  • Private colleges:
  • Public College in-state:
  • Public College out-of-state: